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Turner Family History

General Origins of The Turner Family Name

English Coat of Arms

Our Branch of the 
Turner Family

William Turner moved to Liverpool, England from
Ireland in the mid 1800's.  
George Bates Turner
 born Liverpool 1891.  Married
Florence Bailey Liverpool 1914.  William Turner born Liverpool 1918.  Married
Shirley Cooper Wallasey,
England 1946.  
Raymond Turner
Wallasey 1954.

Irish Coat of Arms

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The Shield: Ermine, three fers de moline 
The Crest
: Half a lion rampant holding a
fer-de-moline and The Motto: "Pro Patria"


The surname Turner is found primarily in England.  It is classified as being of occupational origin, depicting the original bearer's trade or profession while the design reflects their hopes, ambitions and aspirations.

The surname Turner in Ireland was brought
to the country by settlers from both England and Scotland as early as the 15th Century. 
Ulster was the main settlement point. 


Earliest references to the family name 
 are in Oxfordshire, England. 
Although of Norman origin they appear to
have held lands and estates in England and were actively allied with other influential families.  After branching out into other territories and holdings they voyaged to the new world.  Two of the first settlers  in the
"New World" were William Turner who
arrived in Maine in 1607 thirteen years
before the "Mayflower" and
Abraham Turner who arrived in
Plymouth, MA in 1620.

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